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Mortal Book and Rose by Francisco Umbral

Campo das Letras

Mortal Book and Rose by Francisco Umbral



In Mortal e Rosa, a surprising and tender elegy to childhood, Francisco Umbral evokes the death of his son.

From the inhospitable revelation of the loss, the writer builds a long monologue in which his son's death turns his human nightmare into a cathartic and liberating force.

Umbral seeks to re-encounter in evocation and each sensation narrated is an overcoming of inert existence, each object an excuse for reflection: “…children's wicker chairs, sun loungers, horses with heavenly horsehair ask for you…”. With “…this mortal and pink corporeality where love invents its infinite” – a verse by Pedro Salinas that preludes this text – the writer approaches a cantata of maximum beauty and originality, which overflows all rancor, because, as he points out in a sentence that could well gloss the work: “The child is a flash of the future that dazzles us for an instant.

For him, for my son, I have seen further, deeper and further away, and perhaps, there, that will be enough for me”.

ISBN: 9789726106685

Publisher: Field of Letters

Portuguese language

Dimensions: 209 x 136 x 23 mm

Binding: Soft cover

Pages: 240

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