Campo das Letras

Book Waltz Negra by Patrícia Melo

Campo das Letras

Book Waltz Negra by Patrícia Melo



Gustav Mahler, Judaism, frustrated love, sex, psychoanalysis, crisis in the Middle East, existential misery, life in São Paulo, the backstage of an orchestra and suicidal impulses - the material that Valsa negra is composed of is the very polyphony of contemporary life .

He told me about my relationship with Marie, told me that my jealousy was not normal, that everything I told him about envy, lust for possession, suspicion, emulation, competition, rivalry, spite, accounts, repetition, relief, fear of losing something, they were disorders caused by a pathology.

He said that my bizarre behavior, my excessive and unfounded distrust of Marie, "it's all part of the illness."

Othello was the bearer of this evil.

And José, from the opera Carmen. (...) And to quote someone flesh and blood, Freud.

His wife's life was hell. Did you know that Frank Sinatra once interrupted a show to call Ava Gardner? Why? Because I was sick.

A physical illness like cancer. (...) “You are sick”, he said, “and you need to be treated”.

ISBN: 9789726107613

Publisher: Field of Letters

Portuguese language

Dimensions: 135 x 208 x 23 mm

Binding: Soft cover

Pages: 216

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