PATTEX Glue Tube 100% 100G without Solvents (1696706)


PATTEX Glue Tube 100% 100G without Solvents (1696706)


Brand: Pattex

Ref. Manufacturer: 1541273
Model: 100%
Capacity: 100gr
Format: Tube

Main Features

  • Strong: Pattex 100% is the perfect glue for surfaces and objects that carry weight and is strong enough to hold the heaviest objects
  • Waterproof: Gives you the strength you need - even in areas exposed to moisture or water
  • Flexible: Pattex 100% can be folded
  • Transparent: It is completely transparent to achieve perfect results every time, without leaving a trace
  • Withstands extreme temperatures: Withstands temperatures between -50ºC and + 80ºC both outside and inside
  • Safe: Contains no water or solvents, being perfectly safe to use

For maximum bonding power at all times


  • Before gluing, make sure that the surfaces to be bonded can withstand pressure and are free of grease or dust
  • It is recommended that you vacuum the surfaces
  • it is also noted that there are no traces of old glues or silicones and that the paint adheres correctly to the surface to be bonded
  • To protect the surrounding areas you can cover them with plastic or tape
  • Apply the Glue:

    • For the best joints with Pattex 100%, check what type of materials you want to glue
    • It is usually sufficient to apply glue to just one of the surfaces or sides
    • The best results are achieved by allowing the glue to dry over 24 hours
    • The amount of glue needed depends on how absorbent the surface to be bonded

    For Materials ...

    • ... slightly porous: Mmetal or glass, for example it is best to clean both surfaces with a damp cloth immediately before applying Pattex 100%
    • You will only need to apply a thin layer of glue to one of the highly porous
    • surfaces: Wood, you need more glue to be applied
    • In some cases, you may need to apply glue to both surfaces or objects

    Use with ink

    • Pattex 100% can be used on painted surfaces and has no problems with acrylic paints, polyurethane varnishes and alkyd resin varnishes
    • However, it is not compatible with single component Polyurethane paints < / li>

    Cleaning and storage

    • Do not forget to clean all tools used with alcohol or acetone immediately after applying the glue
    • Keep the packaging completely closed in a cool and dry place, so you can continue using it instead after time

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